Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 4 in France

The Palace of Versailles is beautifully surrounded by many gardens and statues. Walking through the former home of French royals was very breathtaking. The massive painting of royals, battle scenes and the gardens covered filled each room. Outside of the palace the site of green and vibrant plants were beautifully manicured into variety abstract designs. As a class were able to take a private tour with one of the gardeners. Versailles’ garden is very large and requires a large quantity of workers to care for the garden. The upkeep method used by the gardeners has been used for many years. There is not a handbook to teach them the method, but the seasoned gardeners teach the new gardeners. This system is similar to the method used by small family farmers. In small family farm agriculture the older generations teach the younger generations their farming techniques. Passing down the gardening techniques, and knowledge from experienced gardeners to new gardeners keeps Versailles gardens beautiful and long lasting for future generations to visit.

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