Monday, June 13, 2016

Life and Comradery

Visiting the D Day Memorial allowed me to see the true definition of comradery. Living in America, I have always known that we stepped in when our allied countries were in need of assistance if we had the means to do so. It never dawned on me how much assistance we gave and how much it meant to others. Going to the D Day Memorial near Omaha beach showed me that the Unites States stepped in, supplied weapons, guns, soldiers, and most importantly lives to protect our allies. Women left widowed. Children left fatherless. Mother's and father's left childless. All this sacrifice for another country who still to this day pays respect to it. In Texas we have many memorials and historical places, such as the Alamo, but in my opinion nothing that I have seen in my 20 years of living could compare to the selflessness of all the soldiers who volunteered to protect a country that wasn't their own. Nothing can compare to seeing all of those white crosses in the ground covering there bodies. Nothing could compare to seeing relatives of the deceased still to this day mourning over their loved ones. This eye opening class taught me a valuable lesson that I almost forgot, help others no matter the price. Helping others no matter the cost, that is real definition of comradery. The D day memorial on Omaha Beach is comroadary


  1. Solders aren't "selfish" they are selfless. And the majority of them were drafted, though some did volunteer. Proof of which can be seen by the presence of the U.S. National Guard flag that still flies; watching over Omaha Beach.

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