Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Normandy D-Day Invasion Week 4

On Saturday June 11th we were in Caen and the purpose was to visit the different Normandy beaches of D-Day invasion. The first beach we visited was Point Du Hoc, and since I got there I could feel something special about that place. The big memorial made for all the soldiers that fought in that place showed the tactical importance of that place on how the rest of Normandy invasion would turn out. It also was very special for us because of the importance of Col. James Earl Rudder who was a student at Texas A&M, and later a president of A&M.

After that we head to Omaha Beach, where most of the US casualties occurred and was the main point of attack. It was a very hard place to do an attack because of the long distance between the water and the cliffs. This made very hard for US troops to start gaining territory.

Following Omaha Beach we went to the cemetery where most of the troops that died fighting for freedom were buried. It felt so special that I don’t know if out of respect because I was just so amazed of how many people that had served were buried but I didn’t spoke a word since I got there to no one, until after three hours being there. I wish I had some pictures of how the cemetery looked, but I felt it would be wrong picturing other people’s graves.