Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cheese and Tradition

Tradition. Tradition is beliefs, customs, or ideas passed down from one generation to another. Tradition is a word that every Texas Aggie holds near and dear to them because it is what Texas A&M is based on. With all this being said, it was amazing to go to the mountains and watch the production of cheese by Roquefort Société because the production of the cheese itself was based off of tradition. It was traditional to make the cheese in cave that is hundreds of years old like it is traditional for Aggies to mourn the loss of fellow aggies together (Mustard and Silver Taps). It was traditional to only use resources on the mountains like it's traditional for Aggies to quote the phrase "An Aggie never lie , cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." Being in that cave, allowed me to see up close and personal the value of tradition in cheese production, which is not something that Texans can say they see a lot of. Watching a mass production business uphold strong traditional values throughout the changing times without much civil backlash was a new thing to see because in Texas, traditions in the food production industry has to change in order to appease the masses. Nothing can stay the same in Texas unlike the cheese production in the French Mountains

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