Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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As an American culture, we fill our atmosphere with diversity yet it's very short lived. The French culture is quite historical and has many generations specializing in different fields. The one in particular is the cheese industry. The cheese production in Roquefort is well renowned but the foundations go farther than I believe the United States is capable. The process starts from the milk from sheep where we visited and saw the milking of these sheep. The milk undergoes a special process to produce the cheese where The production takes place in an underground cave that has been used for centuries. The cave was a natural occurrence. The elements that provide the perfect environment for the cheese production could never be naturally recreated. The United States lacks any history like the French since America was built upon the hard work of the individual and the entitlement to nothing. Business in France was passed down from father to son. The land and the production secrets were passed down through the generations to what we experience today from this cheese plant. Americans have always valued freedom. The lesser of government intervention is a part of American capitalism while the French government seems to control a majority of the French economy. Each has its benefits and its downsides. The French government plays a crucial role in protecting the cheese industry traditions and prestige with its strict regulations that would never be possible in the United States. Plus the United States lack of historical culture would leave no place for cheese consumption. Americans eat sundaes, cookies, cake, brownies, etc. after a meal. There is no place for a healthy dessert such as cheese in our "American" diet. The cultured cheese of France takes time and care; something that has been replaced by mass consumption in the United States.

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