Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 3 in France

Omaha beach is very significant to American and world history. It is one of the D-day beaches where American forces landed to liberate Europe from German control in WWII. This week I was able to visit the cemetery, and the beach landing sites. At the cemetery there were  short films being played along with  displays of military gear, and weapons. Walking through the displays was very eye opening, it gave me an idea of what the soilders endurered during the war. They had to be strong, carry alot of supplies and be strategic in their planning for combat. It was amazing to see, and hear the stories of the young American soilders who were willing to leave their friends, and family behind to fight for their country. They were aware of the possibility that they may not return home but with their drive, courage, and bravery the soldiers enlisted. That same drive is also seen in American soldiers today.

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