Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Toulouse First Week

On Sunday 22, our first day in Toulouse we went to visit the local farmer markets. Two of them were cheaper and outdoors; just along the sidewalk of the street, and one was a more expensive one but in a supermarket type of setting. In contrast the supermarket each seller rented a space and outdoor market simply allowed people could go in a space and start to sell, but both ways sellers were able to sell their product and compete against other sellers directly. The effect this type of market produces in the economy is great, because it stops big monopolies from coming and taking over the trade and managing prices as they wish.
The small farmers are the ones that benefit the most from this system, since even though they are producing so little they could go themselves to sell their produce once they harvest, or have another person selling their product at the market price and not letting a big corporation take the revenue away from them. Also with this system there could be a chance for entrepreneurs to start their own market sale with a demand for the products from consumers and the supply by the farmers.
I believe this system will work in Mexico very well, since there are many rural people that have small farms and have no place to sell them, and since labor is so cheap they could find a better living by simply farming a small piece of land and selling them in a local market at a reasonable price than getting paid a ridiculously low amount of money per week.

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