Sunday, June 8, 2014

Off to Paris

So we have managed to make it to Paris finally. The 3 weeks in Toulouse were definitely eye opening. There are many beautiful places we had a chance to visit. One of the most touching things i saw would have to be the day we went to the underground river and prehistoric caves. it was amazing to think about how long ago humans created images of what they saw. The number of years before recorded history. The ancient tools and techniques and how far we have come along with the technology we have today and what might be accomplished in another 16000 years. I'm looking forward to what Paris has in store for us. So far during our free time we have see some great things, noticed the massive lines, and had some food that brought us home for just a little bit. Home sounds nice about now and its hard to believe that we only have one more week in France.

The hotel we are in will be a challenge. It seems strange to me how accepted no air conditioning is here. Back in America a/c is essential to life it seems. I can hardly imagine living in Texas without a/c. Back to the hotel, as you can guess we have no air conditioning in our rooms. The windows would be nice, if the room didn't back into a closed off ally with no airflow. The wifi is bad and we will see if I will even be able to post this blog.

Out trip has been a journey that will not be easily forgotten. We have learned and loved, yelled and shouted, we have been saddened, we have been overjoyed, but most of all we have been given the chance to experience things that we would not be able to experience back home. The people, the food, the sights and weather. all of these have added up to an adventure for the ages.

(sorry not pictures this week. unable to upload images from my phone, will post some when able.)

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