Monday, June 23, 2014


It has been a week since the end of the study abroad. While the trip was amazing and a lot of fun, I sit here and enjoy my peace and quiet. While I am still in Germany, I have no schedule to keep and no immediate plans. I set thing at my own pace and even take time to just lay in bed ALL DAY! I have a few things to still get used to being in Europe and still another few that will change my life forever but the experience of this study abroad has definitely made a huge impact on my view of home and of the world.

I have come to realize how much a person like me needs personal time. I need to be able to sit alone and decompress all the information I have received in a day and sort it away in my memories or else i just might go crazy.

I have decided to make some changes to the way I live back home and really think about what I can do to contribute to society. This study abroad has brought up some puzzling questions that i feel i need to answer soon. The fun, the excitement, the education and the camaraderie are just pieces of the experience and i am not left longing for more. I need to figure out how i am going to live my life so i can create even more memories like this study abroad.

I want to send my thanks to everyone on this trip.
 For Matt
 For Brianne
 For Casey
 For Julien
 For Katrina

For Kyle
Thank you everyone. You made this trip a blast and i look forward to seeing you all in CS!

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