Sunday, May 25, 2014

One under the belt

Our time in France thus far has been an absolute
blast, I’m not sure exactly where to start for this first blog entry so I’ll
start with exploring old towns and meeting local people in the evening. The
towns we have visited so far have been incredible, I have never been to Europe
before this trip and the amount of history that each of these towns have is
takes my breath away. Its incredible to stand in front of a 400 year old church
that has been cared for over the years. When we were in Carcassonne I couldn’t
help but think about what it must have been like to stand there when the church
was still new. I also have really enjoyed the architecture of the southern
France country side homes, I think my favorite part about them is the shutters
on all of the windows and the material the roofs are made out of. My favorite
day this week was when we went to visit the vineyard because we were able to
see how a very well known French product was produced and how detail oriented
the process has to be. The country side the winery in was very beautiful and
for the first time I felt like I was experiencing the true France. The local
people in the town were also very friendly and seemed excited to see us. The
wine and food was also delicious so that’s always a plus, I hope we can have
more days like this in the future where we get to learn about France outside of
the class room. Speaking of which, I really don’t like being at ENSAT, the
people are very nice and the students are awesome but I feel like I’m back in
high school and the atmosphere is very depressing. Meeting the local people has
also been a lot of fun, even though the language barrier can be frustrating at
times its still a very unique experience to attempt to communicate with people
that don’t know more than a few words of English. I look forward to what the
coming weeks hold and I cant wait to explore more cities and meet more people!

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