Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blog Entry One

The first week of study abroad has come to an end. In the beginning it started off pretty tough. Translations were difficult, the city was easy to get lost in, few people knew English and the food was… Different. As the week went on though it became much easier. There is another group her from the University of Georgia. They have 11 students to our 6 and we stayed separated in our groups for much of the first half of the week. Now, many of us have integrated and are making new friends. Some for the trip but others for even when we go home. Being in a larger group defiantly makes things easier and now that we are able to get feedback from multiple professors we can more easily decide what to do during our free time. The food has gotten better now that we know somewhat what we are getting into although there are still little surprises here and there, which isn't such a bad thing. I would have to say that, with the exception of the cultural classes, school is kind of boring and pointless. Being a HORT major, much of the information I have already learned and even worse, the school food is terrible, depressing even. But I do have to say that putting up with class is worth the field trips we are able to attend. I feel I gain the most from visiting actual agricultural practices than anything I have learned in class, here or back at TAMU. Getting a first hand look at the operations puts class work into a whole other point of view. In the end I would have to say this study abroad will definitely be one of my top college experiences.


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