Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fight'n Texas Aggie First Week in France

 What a crazy first week its been! The week started out with jet lag and rough introductions to some UGA students also visiting France. However, it has ended in celebrations and many new found friends. 
     Since I've gotten to France I've tried to immerse myself into the culture by learning the language and applying it in everyday situations. When shopping for groceries or purchasing train tickets it can be a bit frustrating but picking up on the easier phrases has helped greatly. Our French teacher Anne gave us a book of popular phrases that we use in class to learn basic communication. The students at the school we attend are very skilled in the English language, and they are always interested in things about America and Texas. 
     My favorite experience this week has been our visit to a winery and vineyard in Corde. The procedures that they use to produce the perfect grapes are so  fine tuned that no vineyard makes the same grape. The combination of soil content, water usage, and manual weed removal make the grapes different.
     Since I've been in France the food has exceptionally exceeded my expectations. Cheese, wine, duck, foix gras, and kebabs just to name a few is some of the local fair that we have had a chance to sample. I wish my family could be here to try all of this wonderful food with me but the pictures will have to keep them satisfied.
     I still can't believe it's only been a week, who knows what else is in store. Everyday we get to experience something new. The beautiful countryside is nothing like I've seen in Texas. This is possibly the best place I've ever been, besides Texas and Aggieland. Merci & Gig'em 

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